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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 10, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> reporter: we're live in san leandro where two men were trapped inside a burning big rig this morning. we'll tell you how the driver's previous training may have helped save his life. a critical day in a high- profile murder case. in just hours, a woman convicted of killing a bay area nursing student learns her punishment. >> reporter: a couple found bound and gagged in the middle of a san francisco street. the discovery that turned into a homicide investigation. and a huge day for a huge shipping company. why this could be a record- breaking day for fed-ex. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm it it. we be -- i'm tori campbell.
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we begin with a big rig fire. it happened at 3:00 this morning. tara moriarty is live with more. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. it's a route that this truck driver says he's taken twice a month. when he came through this parking lot here, there was a wire. he says that's not normally here. that's what the big rig snagged. if you look here you can see the remains of the truck here. now, we could see and hear sparks. there was an explosion and could you feel the heat yards away. it happened around 3:15 at sweeney camp which is part of the juvenile detention facility
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off fairmont drive. two men were trapped inside the big rig hit the power lines. he just happens to be a volunteer firefighter. >> he trains as a volunteer firefighter told him if you are in energized wires to jump. they may not have known they were energized at the time but they jumped. >> reporter: we've been speaking to the men. they are pretty grateful. the volunteer firefighter knew to jump and then the firefighters arrived. and they had the wires to contend with and they let the wires burn until pg&e arrived. the truck had two large diesel tanks with 100 gallons of fuel. firefighters sprayed fire re--
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retardant. again, no one was hurt here. live in san leandro, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:03. san francisco police investigating a bizarre case that is now a homicide. a man and woman found bound and gagged right in the middle of the street. now the man has died. ktvu's allie rasmus live at the bayview police station. you have the latest information. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning, dave. there's still a lot of unanswered questions about how this happened. police are hoping more witnesses do come forward. they need the public's help with this case. it was around 8:30 last night when a resident called the police on brussels street. they saw a man and woman gagged in the middle of the street. the man was unconscious. the woman, semiconscious. the police weren't able to tell us if they were stabbed, shot
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or beaten. the man died from his injuries. one of the big questions is to figure out where this crime happened. did it occur where the couple were found or were they just dropped off there after they were assaulted. police canvassed the neighbor gathering information. and police are asking anyone who may have seen something to contact their anonymous typeline or tend an autonomous text to tip 411. investigators are waiting for the woman's condition to improve so they can talk to her and hopefully get more information that way. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. it's sentencing day for the woman convicted of killing east bay nursing student michelle le. >> reporter: michelle esteban was convicted of the murder --
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michelle esteban was convicted of murder. she faces 25 years to life in prison. the man suspected in another high-profile disappearance will also be in court today. antolin garcia-torres is due to enter a plea but it has nothing to do with the sierra lamar case. more on this at 7:30. in about an hour from now, president obama flies to michigan to seek support from automakers to get help to avoid thefully. he will be touring a suburb of detroit. it's all part of the rally to rally popular support to raise taxes on the 2% of the wealthiest americans. now, he did meet with house
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speaker john boehner. the new view some republicans are address. a smoke-free disclosure is expected to pass a key hurdle today. under the proposal landlords would have to tell perspective lenders if the building is smoke-free or optional. a meeting takes place at 1:00. if passed, the ordinance moves on to the full board. >> religious leaders are scheduled to hold a meeting tonight to protect funding for the job center. funding for the west oakland job resource center has come into question amid controversy over plans to put up aloom nateed billboards -- illuminated billboards. those boards were to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to help with the center. you can expect periodic
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lane closures near the toll plaza on the bay bridge from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. over the next six months. officials say the lane closures are needed to work on the toll plaza including paving and replacing some of the crashed cushions. the east span is due to even to traffic in -- to open to traffic in december. let's check in with sal. welcome back. >> thank you. >> how is traffic? >> well, we're had a -- well, we've had a couple of stalled vehicles. the metering lights will get switched on low after there's a few stalled vehicles. a 30-minute delay if you are waiting to get on the bridge itself. another 20 minutes or maybe 10 to 15 on the span itself. we're looking at the better part of an hour getting into san francisco unless you are in the carpool lane. san mateo bridge could be an alternate for you as we look at
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it. westbound traffic is moderately heavy. no problems on the eastbound 92. san jose has been rough. we had earlier crashes. 85 is slow from 87 and 8 0 trying to get down to san jose from hayward to union city. that traffic is going to be a little bit slow now as you head south. let's go to steve. a very good morning. a little breeze. that's an offshore wind. downtown oakland is 59 -- excuse me. downtown oakland is 60. the airport is 59. there's some areas up in mendocino county, lake county. for some it's mild to warm. for others, cold and patchy. today, sunshine -- >> today, sunshine, lane comes in late, late tus -- late late
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tuesday, early wednesday. it won't be a lot of rain. nothing like we had a week ago. that's for sure. the cold air is on its way. today, cool, clear, patchy fog. cold to warm. sunny, mild to warm, breezy to windy. some of the higher elevations. a nice weekend and gives way to a nice monday and most, i think about half of tuesday. it's a dry pattern until wednesday and maybe even some low snow levels by the way as we get toward wednesday night. fair field, 30s, santa rosa. oakland, 59 at the airport. dipping below 50 at hayward. oakland/berkeley coming 0 the hills, it's a wind. the gulf alaska is coming into the picture it will be coming right at us.
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be here on wednesday. the coast and bay, near 60, 70. i think highs could be upper 30s or very low 40s. patchy fog inland. 60s for many. heard from chloe up in clearlake, 40 up there. i know there's low to mid-30s. 67 kentfield, 67. they were 70 yesterday. tying a record high going back to 1934, 1936. walnut creek, 64. brentwood only 61. downtown oakland, 70. there could be a few more record highs. alameda beautiful 66. 70 in santa cruz. milpitas went 70. cupertino, same for redwood city, mid-60s on the coast, including d.c. sun, then clouds increase on tuesday. a cold rain arrives on wednesday morning and then the cold air says i think i will hang around a while. mainly cold nights and warnings and more rain arrives by the
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weekend. 7:10. safety experts say a warning system is helping with dangerous tulle fog. this is back in 2008 in the fog. it's the sort of accident, the new warning system installed two years ago is designed to prevent. the fog triggers an automatic system of electronic message signs to warn drivers. caltrans says it seems to be working. december and january are typically the worst for actualley fog -- tule fog. all right.
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7:12. more trouble for apple. why the silicon valley giant is being blamed for potentially life-threatening issues in australia. and the emotional battle to bring the damaged board walks on the new york and new jersey coasts. brennan, lad, do you know where golf was discovered?
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well, cold out there p.m. some pog for some. already very mild for others. upper 50s to near 60. coast and bay look rely nice today. big -- really nice today. big change on wednesday. cold air an rain coupling in. 7:14. new problems with the apple -- apple maps on the iphone. police have to rescue people trying to visit their city because the apple map says it's in a national park 40 miles
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away. some people have become stranded in the park, no food, no water, trying to find the town of mill dora. others have been forced to walk long distances through dangerous terrain 1 15-degree temperatures. apple's ceo says they are working hard to fix the problem. the nation is three weeks away now from falling off thefully. the president and house speaker john boehner met for one-on-one talks over the weekend. are we any closer to a deal? >> reporter: tori, it happened at the white house and we really don't appear to be any closer to a deal. in fact, it was their first one- on-one meeting in weeks but there really isn't any tangible progress to report. now, in the mid of the talks, the president is leaving washington in about thig minutes and head to michigan where he's warning that the middle-class tax rates could go up without a deal.
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the republicans believe they could have leverage. president obama will need help with another debt ceiling increase in february. experts say republicans will most likely use that as leverage for deeper cuts. over the weekend, more republicans came in and said they believe there will be -- there will need to be tax increases on the wealthy in order for there to be a deal. experts say the line of communications are open. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. the number 47 seems to follow, mitt romney -- seems to follow mitt romney. a new poll shows that 47% of americans viewed romney and his former running mate, paul ryan, favorably. in the final tally, romney won 47% of the popular vote in the presidential election. all of this comments romney's
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comment to donors that 47% of the nation would never vote for them because they are too dependent on government services. north korea just extended the launch period for a controversial rocket launch. now, the u.s. believes north korea uses launches like this to test technology for missiles that could be used to hit the u.s. but north korea insists the launches are only aimed at putting a satellite into satellite -- a satellite into orbit. well, nelson mandela is in the hospital. he's getting care that's kint with -- that's consistent with his age, it's reported. he became south africa's first black president in 1994. he's now retired from public life. coming up on 7:1.
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a sexual assault -- 7:18. a sexual lawsuit against the monetary fund could be settled in court. the lawsuit is against strauss- kahn by a housekeeper last year. today, the lawyers on both sides will update the judge on the status of the negotiations. secret files on los angeles area priests accused of child sex abuse could soon become public. thousands of pages of top- secret church documents were kept for decades by the roman catholic archdiocese of los angeles. today, a judge will hear final objections from accused priests. they've been battling for five years over the release of the files. if the judge gives the green light after the hearing ta -- hearing today, the files could be made public within a month. the political pressure is building to repair the board walks from hurricane sand.
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the costs -- sandy. the costs range. many towns are debating whether to build with wood or more stronger materials. some sentimental locals say you can't have a boardwalk without boards. others say the wood just is not strong enough to survive these kinds of storms. it looks like there won't be any more strikes at the portland of oakland for a couple of years. 500 workers who walked 0 the job for one day last month have now ratified a four-year contract. it gives them 2 1/2% cost of living increases next year and in 2014. there's also a $3500 signing bonus. the port commission is expected to approve this new contract next week. well, close to 38,000 people have already signed an on online petition against the new logo for the university of california. the new, more simple and contemporary image, there it
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is. it was unveiled on friday. besides the website changed, there's several other facebook pages stopping the university from using. they say they will still use the 144-year-old seal but says the new logo represents a modern look for the university system. police in south san francisco are cracking down on repeat dui offenders. police will be watching for drivers with several dui convictions who are still on the road despite having a suspended license. police say those drivers often do not have insurance and are more likely to receive the seen of an accident. officers say -- leave the scene of an accident. officers say those repeat offenders risk being arrested and having their car impounded. bay area drivers may think that christmas has come early. gas is $3.76. oakland's regular price is
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3.59. that's 8 cents less than last week. and santa rosa and san jose are averaging $3.57 which is 7 cents less than last week. 7:21. a sunny day is ahead for most of the bay area as we look out the window. that's a pre-- that's a pretty shot. but steve paulson says it won't last and when the rain is coming and when will it get real cold. how police insights and the internet are coming together tonight to help cyclists keep thieves away from their -- from their bikes. and we have a lot of commutes that are very slow. we'll tell you where the traffic spots are. that's straight ahead.
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♪ >> hundreds -- hundreds gathered in the san diego bay to watch the parade of lights. the event featured boats of all shapes and sizes with different
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lights and themes and music. fisherman's wharf in san francisco will be happening this coming friday. you are out of luck if you plan to buy one of those limited edition starbucks gift cards we told you about last week. all 5,000 of the 450 cards are gone. they are loaded with $400 to buy lattes, muffins and other streets. the other $50 covers the cost of producing the etched metal card. 7:24. san francisco police and google plus, teaming up to keep bikes from being stolen. a workshop tonight at 6:00 will show how to protect bikes and how the police investigate bike thefts. it will show how the -- the best locks to use on the bikes and how to keep bikes safe. the workshop is 6 -- at 6:00 at google san francisco on spear street. you have to register in advance. if you can't bike to work or school, you have to take a
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car, let's check in with sal. the east shore pretty crowded -- crowded? >> it is. you can see it's heavy here westbound. that's kind of a long line getting to the bay bridge. we had several stalled cars. kind of a bad morning for the bridge. not a lot of accidents but just broken down cars on that span. now here we are looking at a huge toll plaza delay of 40 minutes before you make it unless you are in the carpool lane, it will be 40 gets getting to the bay bridge. 580 is backed up as well. you need to give yourself extra time or consider public transportation. we're looking at the nimitz freeway. some people may want to think about the san mateo bridge. but getting to it will be she and it stays with you all the way down to fremont. 101 looks decent. 101 northbound and southbound, getting up and down the peninsula. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. for some, cold, patchy fog.
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fairfield, 37 and fog. downtown oakland, clear and 60. it will be a beautiful day. alameda, berkeley, the coast, you will get the offshore breeze. remember the direction the wind is coming from. it's going from land to sea. the system is brewing up in the gulf of allah cass, that will be -- alaska, that will be here thursday morning. santa rosa, 38. napa airport is in the 30s. lake county, mendocino county, a couple of freezing temperatures. redwood city, 45. san rafael, 44. everything looks good today. mild today, dry pattern until wednesday. then we will get rain in here wednesday morning. it will be a cold rain but the bigger story is the cold. last pattern it was the rain. snow levels could get down to 3,000 feet. warmer -- the chronicle ran a great article on the lack of snow in the sierra. i think it was friday or
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saturday. i thought that's great timing because now the snow is going to show up. it's on its way. it will be here later in the week. 70 at oakland also for santa cruz. maybe that monday flu will get you to the coast. highs will be in the low 50s on thursday. very breezy and chilly around here. crisp, clear on friday. not a census on the weekend. one forecast model says he'll be okay. the other says, no, no. i went to believe the more rain on sunday. an elderly man disappeared on mare island. here's the man and how police are searching for him now. >> reporter: the man accused of kidnapping and killing a missing morgan hill teenager is expected to be in court this morning. we'll tell you why and what's up next for him. >> reporter: and we're live in san francisco where one of
7:29 am
these packages play be on the way to -- way to your house. we'll tell you why today is the busciest shipping day of the year as "mornings on 2" continues. n
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7:30. in just a few hours. the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will be back in court.
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janine de la vega is back in san jose to tell us about the charges he's facing today that have nothing to do with her disappearance, right, janine? >> reporter: in the next two hours, antolin garcia-torres is expected to be here in superior court to enter a plea in the sierra lamar case. but in another case involving three other women, he will be arraigned. garcia-torres has been in jail since may when he was arrested for the missing teenager. her body has never been found. but her dna was found on -- but antolin garcia-torres's dna was found on her clothing and sierra's dna was found in his car. he is also facing three kidnapping charges stemming back to 2009. authorities say he's responsible for assaulting three women during attempted carjackings in the safeway parking lots in morgue be hill. in one of the incidents he's accused of using a stub gun. he used to be an employee at
7:33 am
both safeways. he was 17 at the time those alleged crimes eye cheer -- occurred. but he's being tried as an adult now, sierra's parents are not expected to come to court today but their family, friends and supporters will show up. i reached out to see if they plan to come but i haven't heard back. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. an elderly man is still missing after he was last seen on mare island. the search may resume this morning. 76-year-old fit inmaddingly was last seen last weekend. he was working on his boat. his personal items were there but he was not. >> it's gonna be rough coming down here and he's not here. it will be a big change. 7:32. a $10,000 reward is offered for
7:34 am
information leading to an arrest in a fatal oakland shooting in broad daylight near jack london square. on saturday afternoon, michael taylor was shot on third street near franklin. homicide detectives say they don't know of a motive and there's no word yet of a suspect. one of two teenaged girls fatally shot in oakland will be laid to arrest -- arrest. a funeral for rachel will be held at the church this morning. services for her best friend, 16-year-old bobbi sartane were held over the weekend. both were found near brookdale park early in the morning november 25th. they had been shot several times. no arrests have been made. a community radio station in vallejo has been targeted by vandals again. the vallejo times herald reports it will be off the air at least for a month after someone took equipment and damaged wires at the
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transmission facility. it's the third time vannals have struck in recent months. the vandalism is expected to cost the radio station about $8,000. 7:34. a busy, busy day -- perhaps the busiest day of the year for fed- ex. in fact, the company expects to process 200 packages every second. ktvu's brian flores is out at a facility in san francisco now. how busy is it out there, brian? >> reporter: well, dave, i mean you hit it on the head. 200 packages per second. 19million packages that will be sent from thanksgiving all the way through the las holidays. go ahead and take a look for yourselves. things are definitely busy here at one of the fed-ex facilities here. and to talk more about how busy it is, let's bring in the operations manager. i mean, talk to us about how busy it is out here. it's really busy? >> yes. everything has been busy. we haven't seen a slowdown.
7:36 am
things have been good. all of the employees are here. its all hands ondeck. we have had 110 to 120 employees here this morning. and then later on we'll have 200 employees here to get the packages out in the afternoon. >> reporter: why are you expecting the biggest shipping day today? >> we see an increase in online shop -- we've seen an increase in online, things bought over the internet. things have increased area thanksgiving. we just did a huge increase. >> one of the biggest questions i get -- is it too late to send your packages and when is the last day? >> december 22nd, choose fed-ex express. we'll make sure we get it there on time. >> reporter: and you bring up an interesting point. it's all hands ondeck here. are there any job opportunities for people maybe looking for
7:37 am
seasonal work? >> you can go to under careers. check it out there. we go through a blackout period where all of the employees are here and we're very busy. >> reporter: very, busy here in and throughout all of the bay area. back to you. the board of supervisors could vote to cut the medical marijuana patients can have. at the meeting tomorrow, the supervisors will consider a proposal to scrap the current guidelines that allow medical marijuana plants -- patients to have ticket plants and three pounds of marijuana during the year. the new proposal would reduce the amount to the state limit to six mature plants or 12 immature plants and 8 ounces of dried marijuana per patient. the city of san jose is holding another community meeting tonight as they search for a new police chief.
7:38 am
this is the last of four meetings. the city wants to get the public's input on the qualities they would like to see in the next chief. chief chris moore is retiring after res than two years on the job. after less than two years on the wood -- after less than two years on the job. a decision may come on
7:39 am
whether sonoma marin area rail transit will get a big chunk of federal transportation money. officials asked for $6.6 million to buy more train cars at this year's prices. however, the sonoma county transportation authority says it only has $10 million in funding. it's 7:38. want to check in with sal. see what's happening in the east bay. pretty busy there, sal. >> it's busy. one of the main reasons is the bay bridge is such a mess. it usually has a chain reaction on all of the freeways that get close to the bay bridge. let's go to the 24 freeway. westbound 24 is busy here in la fayette between walnut creek, you have a lot of slow traffic and right when you get out on the slow side, 580, it's jammed. another stall on the bridge. we've had four broken brown --
7:40 am
dash broken down cars. look at the carpool lane. that's slow. we're looking at delays between 40 minutes and an hour for some cars trying to get into san francisco. you might seriously want to consider using public transportation or delaying your trip if you can. >> let's go to the south bay. it's kind of normal. it's backed up. it's very slow. that's more of a normal grind getting into. getting into the valley. let's go to steve. the oakland airport, 66. that set a record high yesterday. could be more of the same today. i've seen temperatures around hercules, mare island, mid-50s to sausalito, tiburon, also close to san francisco. there's some mild readings. other areas are in the fog and
7:41 am
freezing. breezy warm, coast and bay. today it will be sunny. but the morning can be chilly with some of that fog north and east. mostly sunny tomorrow and then clouds late. colder air comes in -- colder air comes in wednesday. we'll get some rain coming in. the rain is not the big story here. it will be the colder air. we'll get some rain. today, though, sunnyside up. severe clear. 37 fairfield and fog. 39 antioch out to stockton and reports of fog. santa rosa, 38. 60 in downtown oakland. that's not a typo. 60 degrees northeast wind about 21 miles an hour coming right off the oakland berkeley hills. high pressure is our fair- weather friend. low pressure is off the coast. high pressure doesn't like low pressure. high pressure fills it with the wind. there's our system coming out of the gulf of alaska. remember, systems come out of the fronts, they don't hold as
7:42 am
much moisture but you don't get as much rain. but you will notice the cold coming in. dry pattern until late tuesday, early wednesday. wheelage -- we'll go from 60s to 70s. today will be warmer for most. but some of that patchy fog and a cold morning gives way to breezy and windy conditions. a lot of 60s here. low, mid, to upper. you get enough of the easterly breeze. and that makes it nice. that kind of a pattern. very mild to warm san jose. santa clara valley over to santa cruz. looks nice there as well. about the same on the san mateo coast, in the city and also on the peninsula. sunshine tuesday and then clouds increase. maybe some rain in the north bay. that will be a very cold rain. we'll get rid of the rain and then the cold settles in. very breezy and cold.
7:43 am
i think unsettled until we get to the weekend. a setback for the duchess. what's happened that indicates she's once again having problems with her pregnancy. >> if we had any idea that something like this could be any reason to happen -- you know, we couldn't see this happening. >> the new development involving the two deejays behind that prank call about the duchess that apparently led to a nurse's suicide.
7:44 am
7:45 am
stocks opened mixed today after mario montes announced
7:46 am
he's stepping down. investors are awaiting the so- calledfully decision. the dow is up 18. the nasdaq up 10. s&p is flat. 7:45. few details yet from antioch police about an attempted homicide. it happened yesterday morning on west 17th street. the homeowner called police, said a suspicious man was on his front porch. police got there. they found the man on the front porch. he had been stabbed several times. the 33-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. also in antioch. family members and friends held a candlelight vigil for the city's latest homicide victim. they gathered outside the home of -- outside the home of aaron williams. he was shot in front of his house about 11:00 on saturday. in an area where shootings are not shocking, people say they are still surprised about what happened to him. >> i never thought it what gonna happen to him.
7:47 am
he was a good guy. kind of surprising. >> he had a great personality. he liked to fish. and every day we would talk about fishing. >> police are still out there investigating, looking for answers. they want witnesses to come forward. the latest information shows the crime rate in antioch is up more than 40% so far this year. arrests are down 17%. 7:46. it appears kate, the duchess of cambridge, is still suffering from severe morning sickness. we're learning that prince william did not attend an event yesterday morning because the duchess was not feeling well. she spent three nights in a hot last week where she was treated for a very serious form of morning sickness. two australian deejays have made a tearful apoll just -- apology for the pink phone call that apparently led to a nurse's suicide. >> if we had any idea something
7:48 am
like this could happen -- we couldn't see this happening. >> the deejays have faced worldwide outrage over the call where they pretended to be queen elizabeth and prince charles. >> i mean, we just assumed that we -- with the voices that we put on, you know, we were going to get told off and that was the gag. >> while an official cause of death has not been announced, many have said the stress prompted the nurse to cake her own life. the australian network that carried the show has canceled it and there are no plans for the deejays to go back on the air. the dallas cowboy football player arrested for intoxicated manslaughter in the death of his teammate is out of jail. josh brent was released from jail on $500,000 bail. he says now he's trying to deal with the death of jerry brown.
7:49 am
the man he called his bet friend. brent was drunk and speeding when his car crashed and fatally injured brown. a former member of the navy s.e.a.l. 6 was killed. dr. joseph works with a nonprofit from colorado, morning star development. he was kidnapped last wednesday along with two afghan staff members. the two afghans were set free on saturday. the navy s.e.a.l. team was sent in to rescue the doctor after reports showed he was in danger. in syria, rebels have taken over part of a large army base in syria. the second takeover of a sire re yun army base in recent weeks. the rebels are trying to -- are trying to gain strength near the border of turkey. today, the day many couples were waiting for, well, it finally came over the weekend.
7:50 am
about 146 same-sex couples got married at seattle's city hall, the first day they could legally marry in that state. washington state voters passed same-sex marriage last month. >> i feel so good. i couldn't be happier. it's such a special day for us you, the state and for all of the other couples. nine states allow couples to marry. the supreme court could provide the sweeping ruling that could end the bans on the other states. we should hear their decision about in about six months. former los angeles official who claimed a spinal tumor was to blame for his child pornography addiction will be sentenced. afred abrams will be sentenced for distributing sexually explicit image as. prosecutors want him sense --
7:51 am
sentenced to more than eight years. he said a made his personality altered and he downloaded pornography. a new report from new zealand blames bad construction for the high death toll from a major earthquake in new england. 150 people died when an office building collapsed last year. a government report determined that building was badly damaged. it never should have received a permit for construction. well, canadian choppers searching for furniture bargains at an india saw something very unspected -- unexpected -- at an ikea saw something very unexpected -- a
7:52 am
monkey. animal services were called in. they were able to capture the monkey. >> they were trying to get away from the monkey. >> the monkey was eventually capture and reunited with his owner and then animal services stepped in. it took the monkey into ku. it is against the law to have a monkey as a pet in toronto. this ikea monkey has become a social hit on social media. >> he has a nicer coat on than i. a popular mexican-american singer believed to have been killed in a plane crash. we'll tell you what was found in the wreckage. p0jg
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7:54 am
7:55 am
fans are remembering mexican-american singer, jenni rivera, believed to be of seven killed in a plane crash. ♪ >> this vigil was held last night in southern california. the small plane carrying jenni rivera was reported missing early sunday after taking off from monterrey, mexico after her concert. the wreckage has been found. and jenni rivera's driver's license was among the items recovered t was partially melted. her brother is due to fly to mexico today to positively identify her. john mcafee says he wants to return to the -- to the u.s. now. >> i have due tal citizenship. i would be -- dual citizenship. i would be happy to go to england or home, that's exactly what i want. >> he's now in a guatemalan detention center.
7:56 am
he's fighting a government order to return him to belize, where he's wanted for questioning in the death of a neighbor last month. mcafee says he was not involved in the shooting death. 7:55. let's bring sal back. what's going on with the bay bridge? >> we've had a lot of broken down cars, unfortunately not for everyone broken down, but for everyone else. it's within a -- it's been a tough drive getting into san francisco. we have delays because of all of the stalls. they had to slow the metering lights down and the traffic is backed up well beyond the maze -- beyond the maze. you might want to consider carpooling or taking b.a.r.t. into the city. let's go out to the 880 freeway northbound. you can see some slow traffic. it's a little windy. our camera here is bowsing a little bit and the morning commute -- bouncing a little bit. and the morning commute is
7:57 am
gonna be busy at northbound 280. traffic is slow. let's go to steve. thank you. it's windy for some especially the higher elevation -- higher elevations. it's very mild. the hills are green, the air is clean, though. i snow some of the mornings are -- i know some of the mornings are chilly but it will be alaska-light. thinks, 40s, 50s and 60s. that east wind mild for some. very cold for others, especially out in the north and east and also up towards lake county, mendocino county. we'll get about .25 to .50 or .75. i think you will notice the cold more than anything else. partly cloudy. 60s and 70s. downtown oakland, could have some records. oakland set one at 66. a coast rain moves in and then the rain moves out.
7:58 am
but the cold stays. a breezy, windy cold day. >> thank you, steve. 7:57. a confession from an accused road rage killer. what prompted a man to open fire on another driver in the sacramento area. >> we're live in san leandro where two men are trapped inside a burning big rig. we'll tell you how they managed to escape. a man and woman are found bound and gagged right in the -- right in the middle of this street. we'll tell you about the discovery here that turned into a homicide investigation overnight. [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust
7:59 am
stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's monday, december 10th. we're still following the developing news from san leandro where a big rig burst into flames after running into power lines. it happened around 3:15, right there, near fairmont drive. luckily, two people inside the big rig -- big rig escaped with their lives. tara moriarty, you were the first reporter on the scene.
8:01 am
you're back now. >> reporter: that's right. the truck driver did not want to appear on camera. but rely was his quick thinking that saved his life and his friend's. you can see what's left of the big rig. you can see that there are actually some uniforms, the blue ub forms that this -- uniforms, that this truck was delivering at the time. this was after the truck ran into some power lines. now, you can see and hear the sparks. there was even an explosion. could you feel the heat yards away. it happened around 3:15 at sweeney -- you could feel the heat yards away. it happened around 3:15 at sweeney. the pair were delivering prison uniforms and other laundry to this facility. the driver said he's taken this route more than two dozen times. for some reason, he caught the
8:02 am
wires this morning and knew he had to act quickly. >> the person in the vehicle jumped out and cleared the vehicle, had they stepped out normally, they would have caused the bridge to the ground and probably got electrocuted. so the person who is a volunteer firefighter understands about electrocution potentials and jumped free of the vehicle. >> reporter: we've been speaking to the two men all morning. they didn't want to appear on camera but they are pretty thankful. 35 juveniles in a nearby building were evacuated as a precautionary measure. the truck had two large diesel tanks with 100 gallons of fuel. so firefighters sprayed retardant on that. one of the most challenging aspects of this fire, crews could not touch it until pg&e arrived to deactivate the line and that took more than an hour. luckily, no one was hurt. live in is san leandro -- live in san leandro, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. one man has died after he and a woman were found bound
8:03 am
and gagged in the middle of a san francisco street. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is live with more information on the attack. what happened? >> reporter: well, tori, this is the street where the man and woman were found. this is the 900 block of brussels street in the city's engelside street. a lot of the neighbors we have talked to say they are surprised by what happened here. as you mentioned, a man and woman were found bound and gagged lying in the middle of this road. they were found around 8:30 last night. this morning could you still see what was left of the burnedout fares -- flares where police closed off their street for the investigation. when police arrived and found the couple. the man was unconscious. the woman was semiconscious. police say they experienced trauma. police were not able to tell us whether the victims had been shot, stabbed or beaten. but both were taken to san francisco general hospital where early this morning, the man died from his injuries. one of the big questions for investigators is figuring out exactly where this crime
8:04 am
occurred. did it happen in the middle of the street or more likely were they dropped off here after being attacked. >> most likely over here. it happened over here. there was a car. >> it's very unusual. quiet area. i was born and raised here. when i heard it on the news this morning, it kind of surprised me. >> reporter: now, last night, police canvassed the neighborhood trying to gather more information and searching for any surveillance video or cameras that may exist. police are asking anyone who knows anything to texan anonymous tip to tip 411. investigators are waiting for the won's condition to improve so they can -- the woman's condition to improve so they can gather more information that way. live in san francisco, alley ras mu ktvu channel 2 news. well, today is sentencing day for the woman convicted of
8:05 am
killing east bay nursing student, michelle le. 28-year-old gisele esteban was convicted of first-degree murder for killing michelle le in a hospital parking garage in hayward. prosecutors say the murder was triggered by jealousy because esteban thought her ex- boyfriend was dating michelle le. esteban could get 25 years to life in prison. well, vallejo residents are getting together to deal with the problem of squatters taking over foreclosed houses. the city received 70 reports of squatting recently. homeowners are now sharing information about modifying loans to avoid foreclosure. they are sharing it through the neighborhood watch newsletter. they are also passing along tips for spotting a squatter and also descriptions of people they believe may be living in homes illegally. 8:04. new this morning, we've received word of a mountain lion on the peninsula.
8:06 am
the mountain lion was seen just before 4:45 this morning on radon mow drive -- raymondo drive. sheriff deputies responded and checked the area but did not see the animal. rapping right now, president obama is just about to board air force one headed to michigan. this is -- this is a live picture from maryland. you can see air force one on the runway waiting to take off. the president is gonna tour an engine plant in a detroit suburb and also help announce the expansion of that plant. he's seeking support from auto workers on his plan to avoid thefully. it's part of the president's -- on the fiscal cliff. it's part of the president's plan to help raise taxes on the 2% of wealthy americans. and president obama met privately with house speaker john boehner at the white house over the weekend. it was their first one-on-one
8:07 am
meeting since the crisis. 8:06. a federal judge expected to approve a plan to give control of the oakland police department to a court-appointed director. this comes after oakland failed to meet a federal judge's order to make reforms agreed to in the settlement of the riders police brutality case. the director will have the power to spend city money, change police procedures and if the police department continues to fail to make reforms even fire the police chief. well, a man accused of shooting and killing a driver in a road-rage incident is talking now. brian jones is in the sacramento county jail. now, he admitted he fired shots at another driver in sacramento. it happened after jones says his sister said she was being followed by someone she didn't know saturday morning. she called brian for help.
8:08 am
jones admit, he cut off the driver then he -- then, he claims the driver came after him with his car. at that time i was fearing for my life. when i jumped back up, i -- i opened fire on the vehicle. >> jones is a felon who previously served time for adult with a dadly weapon -- deadly weapon -- with a deadly weapon. he was not supposed to have a gun but said he needed it to protect his family. he faces formal murder charges next week. a couple in petaluma is raising concerns about railroad crossing arm signals. the couple says the crossing arms of lakeville -- on lakeville and d streets came crashing down on their car as they were driving through a green light. the traffic officials have confirmed that the light was not synchronized with the rail system and things have been
8:09 am
fixed. i don't know if things are fixed at the taupe. sal, are you -- fix -- fixed at the toll plaza. sal, are you getting things fixed? >> well, we've will a lot of stalls on the bridge. at least -- we've had a lot of stalls on the bridge. if you are trying to get in san francisco, it will be about an hour waiting in line unless you are lucky enough to do carpool. a lot of people have ficked out casual carpool spots. move -- figured out casual carpool spots. we're looking at the nimitz freeway, 880 is slow. whenever the bridge gets bad, we have slow traffic on the east bridge. independence windy out there. south bay traffic has been relatively uneventful. northbound 280, is busy. and 85 also, trying to get into
8:10 am
cupertino. let's get to steve. have i told you now nice it is to have you back, sal? >> thank you. patchy fog, rather windy. 35. about 55 miles an hour some of the higher elevations. some inland locations are in the 30s. it's cold. guess what? cold will be the bigger story. today, sunshine, breezy warm for most. mostly sunny, clouds late on tuesday and then we bring in a cold rain. more cold than rain. we'll -- we'll get about .25 to .75. today, a lot of sunshine. severe clear. wall-to-wall sunshine. except some of that patchy fog. 30s, santa rosa, near, napa, antioch is in there. the wind picked up at livermore. they are now 50. 60 in oakland. 52 san francisco. mountain view as well. san jose, sunny and 49. some are cool, some are cold.
8:11 am
some are very mild. you can see the ridge of high pressure. the mountain off the coast here. high pressure here. the high doesn't like the low. it's moving from north- northeast. the system in the gulf of alaska is on its way. as it does it will arrive late tuesday and wednesday. you can see the source and that will usher in very warm air. dry weather until then. mild to warm today. maybe a few record highs. had a couple today. would not surprise me one bit. we'll go from near 70 to some. to low 50s, i think by wednesday. today will be warmer for most. some of that patchy fog holding on. breezy at times to windy, blustery. some of the higher elevations coming off the berkeley hills. mount tam, mt. diablo. high clouds starting to move in. maybe late. nice today. sun, clouds on tuesday. rain, a cold rain wednesday morning and then cold, breezy,
8:12 am
maybe breezy on wednesday. and then some clouds will sneak into the forecast. >> thank you, steve. the winner has just received this year's nobel peace prize. why the choice is so controversial. a new round in the battle against smoking. what's happening in san francisco could soon affect thousands of people. and a sellout crowd at crab celebration at the fisherman's wharf. the crabbers are dealing with a problem that's a bit hard to swallow.
8:13 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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62 degrees at the oakland airport with a northeast wind at 23 miles an hour. santa rosa is 38. there is a big difference in some of the temperatures. 57 san francisco. it will be mild to warm along the coast today. big changes on wednesday. cold and rain. thank you, steve. 8:14. just hours ago in norway union received the noble's prize. it was set to be honored for promoting piece, human rights and democracy across europe for the past six decades. not everyone agreed to this because it is in the middle of a financial crisis that's led to several protests and some say this contra tickets the values of the prize because it relies on military force to secure security -- to ensure security. president obama is heading to michigan to meet with auto workers. the president wants the auto
8:16 am
workers to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: dave, president obama is today continuing his push for more public support. he's talking about what will happen to the auto industry if the country falls off the fiscal cliff. let's take a live look now. the president's motorcade is expected to arrive any minute now, then he will be heading to detroit. there's some new hope for a deal after the president and house speaker john boehner held their first one-on-one meeting at the white house in weeks yesterday. now, both sides are mumm about the negotiations -- are mum about the negotiations but say the lines of communications are open. they have 20 minutes to reach an agreement even if they come up with a plan, the international monetary fund says a more constant solution is needed to maintain the
8:17 am
economy. >> there's still that uncertainty that fuels doubt, that prevents investors, entrepreneurs, households from making decisions. >> a politico poll out this morning shows president obama has the most leverage in these negotiations. he is demanding a tax increase for american households that make over $250,000 a year. and this poll shows 60% of americans support that idea. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. san francisco moving closer now to a smoke-free disclosure for renters. now, under the preppal, landlords would have to tell perspective tenants if the unit is smoke-free or smoking optional. a hearing is scheduled today at 1:00. if it passes, it will move onto
8:18 am
the full board. oakland religious leaders are plan -- are planning a vigil tonight. they say employment is key to cutting down on violence in oakland. but the funding for the resource center is being questioned because of opposition to a plan to put up illuminated billboards at the oakland army base and those were expected to bring in 100,000 a year to help with the center. 500 workers who walked off the job at the port of oakland have a deal. it gives them 2 1/2% cost of living increases in next -- next year and in 2013. it also gives them a $3500 signing bonus. close to 38,000 people have dined -- signed an online petition against the university of california logo.
8:19 am
the new, more simple and contemporary image was unveiled on friday. besides the online petition, there are several facebook pages dedicated to stopping the logo from being used. the university says it will still use its 144-year-old field but this represents a more modern look. crab lovers converged on fisherman's wharf for crab fest. the strike has been bad for their business, they say. >> very hard for restaurants. work without crab right now because -- in -- the father, that's what you come -- fisherman's wharf that's where you come from.
8:20 am
it is 8:19. people who have finished some of their holiday shopping now want to get the packages in the mail. a handful of bay area post offices actually opened yesterday to help them check that task off their to-do list. the lines were long but customers say it was great to get their packages on their way to their destinations. >> we hope we're in time for christmas. i was afraid if we waited too long it would not get there for christmas. >> some post offices will be open next sunday and monday, they expect , to be the busciest mailing day of the year. the post office expects 650 million cards, letters and packages will be processed across the country that day. and fed-ex is expecting its busiest day of the year today. the delivery company says they will process up to 200 packages per second. coming up at 8:35, we'll take
8:21 am
you right in the middle of it all, inside a san francisco fed- ex facility. hard to imagine? >> yeah. 8:20. well, violence disrupted a very popular san jose holiday celebration. what police are saying about it and what they are doing now to keep people safe. it will be another sunny day around the bay area. but showers are in the five-day forecast and a change in the temperatures. up next, meteorologist steve pawlson will tell us -- paulson will tell us when we can expect clouds to move in. the morning commute is st. louis a bit slow getting in the valley. we will tell you more about the traffic trouble spots. @
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
police are stepping up patrols after a 14-year-old boy was stabbed in the christmas in the city park celebration. it happened around 8:45 saturday night while the event was in full swing. the teenage -- the paying -- the teenager was stabbed in the chest and arm but police say his injuries are not life- threatening. >> it's gonna make me a little more cautious and, you know, more aware, constantly keeping an eye on the girls and making sure that things are okay. >> police think the stabbing was gang-related. they say three people ran from the scene but police are still searching for them.
8:25 am
8:24. if you use the bay bridge, traffic will be slower, especially beginning tonight. expect periodic lane closures near the toll plaza from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. for the next six months. the lanes are gonna be closed to work on the toll plaza. they will be paving, painting, replacing crashed cushions. the bridge's new eastern span is due to open to traffic in september. 8:25. el is is seeing the bay bridge having problems this morning. >> yeah. you know, dave, it's really been the big story of the morning. we've had several broken-down cars. bad luck for the drivers and bad luck to you if you are trying to get into texas. this toll plaza has been delayed for several people. it's been really, really thick. they slowed the metering lights down where there's something on the bridge. so it won't be so backum. and then when the stalls are
8:26 am
cleared, they speed it back up. it will be a while to get into san francisco, between 40 minutes and an hour. san francisco, itself, a little bit of slowing on southbound 101 as you approachle 80 split. northbound 101 that looks okay coming in from 280. northbound 280, while we were speaking, it cleared up. 280 is still slow. 85 is better. 1201 is slow from -- 101 is slow from 280 to the peninsula. now, let's go to steve. good morning. clear skies. wall-to-wall tine today. starting off cold for some -- wall-to-wall sunshine today. starting off cold for some. we had a couple of records yesterday. kentfield and oakland. everything is good to go. a little chilly for some.
8:27 am
cold for others. 57 for san francisco. 62 oakland. they are the benefit of that offshore breeze. and there's gusts to 35 miles an hour. our system coming out of the gulf of alaska will bring us some clouds. it's a dry pattern and some rain. mild to warm. the big news will be not so much the rain that's coming in wednesday morning but the cold air. cold. it's on its way, dave. warmer today, coast and bay. they will be warmer in man inland locations. there may even be a couple of upper 50s. 60s to near 70. increasing clouds come in on tuesday afternoon/evening and then rain, not much. about .25, .50 in the morning. and themed cold and breezy. crisp and then i think partly cloudy, partly sunny skies. more hint of a rain coming in on sunday. another cold system. >> gonna feel like december. the his -- the mystery of
8:28 am
the elderly man missing. who the police are looking for. and the man arrested for the kidnapping of sierra lamar will be in court. and evenly a few weeks -- and only a few weeks before christmas. but today is the busiest day in fed-ex's shipping.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. in a couple of hours from now, the man accused of killing sierra lamar is due back in court. ktvu's janine de la vega is in san jose with the very latest on what's expected to happen in
8:31 am
today's hearing. janine -- janine? >> reporter: dave, antolin garcia-torres is expected to enter a plea in the case. but a court spokesperson said he will be asking the judge to continue the case. last month the santa clara d.a.'s office charged antolin garcia-torres with three kidnappings in morgan hill in the parking lot. those crimes happened when he was 17 but he's peaking tried as an adult. now, those cases are being added to the sierra lamar case. antolin garcia-torres was arrested for the alleged kidnapping and murder of usa. investigators say they found -- murder of sierra lamar.
8:32 am
investigators say they found dna on her clothes and her dna on his clothes. they say they plan to have the cases tried as one criminal case. it's unclear if in the few cheer they will be split apart. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a shooting on an indian reservation in the central valley left five family members dead and two young children hurt. investigators say 31-year-old hector salia shot and killed his 8-year-old daughter, mother and two uncles saturday night. it happened on the reservation near see salia. his 5-year-old -- near visalia. authorities say he had a troubled past but don't know why he carried out.
8:33 am
killings -- he carried out the killings. an elderly man is still missing after he was last seen on mare island. the search may resume this morning. 77-year-old phillip mattingly was last seen saturday evening. he was working on his historic boat docked on mare island. police quickly became concerned because mattingly's boat, truck and other personal items were still there but there was no sign of him. >> it's yet to be determined if someone has fallen in the
8:34 am
water. we're trying to utilize all of our resources here. if you are looking for the perfect gift and you are a raider fan, you may want to be on the -- to be at the southland mall tonight. tonight at 6:00, raiders players will be signing autographs to benefit toys for tots. they will be signing autographs for new unwrapped toys donated with at least a value of $20. >> go, 9ers! >> phone door get the 49ers. they are also in the holiday spirit. the annual operation drive, "operation dream" toy drive event was held at candlestick park yesterday. fans were asked to donate new, unwrapped toys or bring some cash. the toys will be given to children who live in san francisco's public housing. all hands are on deck at fed-ex. today is expected to be the
8:35 am
busiest day of the year. in fact, the company expects to process 200 packages per second. brian flores has more. >> reporter: maniage as are already heading out the door. today is the -- packages are already heading out the door. today is the busiest day -- busiest day for fed-ex. more than 100 workers at this facility and 300,000 nationwide are here this week working very hard to deal with an increase
8:36 am
of 13%. experts predict consumers will spend $2 billion alone. december 17th, that's the last day to use fed-ex delivery to make it there on christmas eve. you could wait until december 22nd to use fed-ex express. but time is definitely ticking away. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> yes, it is ticking away. last-minute holiday shoppers will have help from -- macy's. for the first time, most of the stores will stay open for 48 hours straight on the weekend before christmas. that will start on friday,
8:37 am
december 21st all the way through sunday december 23rd. shoppers are not spending quite as much time or money online shopping this month. com-score reports $6.4 billion online sales is up from last year. it's down last month from e- sales. today is tax deadline day for property taxes. you have until midnight tonight. if you can't get there before the post office closes, you can pay your taxes online. look for the tax collector's website for your county. if you missed the deadline, you will be hit with a 10% penalty. police cracking down on repeat dui offenders. police will be watching for drivers with several dui convictions who are still driving despite having a
8:38 am
suspended license. now, police say those drivers often don't have insurance. they are more likely to run away from the scene of an accident. police say these repeat offenders risk being arrest the or have their car impounded as well. well, drivers here in the bay area may think christmas came early this year. san francisco still has the highest average local price for gasoline at $3.71 a galten. oakland's -- gallon. oak's average price for gas, regular, $3.59. in both cities, that's actually 8 cents last than last week. in san jose and santa rosa, they are averaging $3.57. that's 7 cents less. >> those cents add up. >> yeah, i will take it. >> yeah, pay a little less. let's check in with sal. how are things looking on 880 oakland? >> people are hideling and wasting gas. that's what kills your mileage.
8:39 am
traffic like this kills your -- your mileage. 880 up to oakland, this is all a result of the terrible bay bridge toll plaza backup. all of the freeways leading up to the toll plaza have been very crowded. we had a couple of stalled vehicles. more than a couple of. we had about four stalled vehicles on the span this morning alone. that's been very slow for the bay bridge. now, when you get to the toll plaza, you will be waiting for a good long time there. 40 to 50 minutes -- minutes. almost an hour. if you want to round it off and say we'll be -- and say round it off. you will be there for an hour. the nimitz, southbound traffic is backed up to stevenson boulevard, the scene of a crash in fremont. traffic is slow through hayward. if you are driving through the bay, 92 is busy over to 101 in burlingame. let's go to sal. a clear, barm for somebody --
8:40 am
warm for others. >> we have clear skies. oakland, had a a couple of yesterday. oakland and kentfield, it would not surprise me today. oakland's average high is 57. they are already 62. it was a nice weekend. but with the offshore wind. a lot of sunshine, mild to warm weather today and maybe half of tomorrow. it will be dry wednesday. i've seen gusts to 57 miles an hour. not as bad as the surface. you can get some pretty good gusts. 38 to 62. 38 santa rosa, 62 at the oakland airport. incredible. low 40s or 50s for some. if you have any kind of an easterly breeze, that definitely helps stir things up coast and bay. a little low off the coast. high pressure there. that's why the wind is flowing from the low pressure to the -- from the high pressure to the low. that's usually a warm direction. this system in the gulf of alaska is on its way, believe it or not.
8:41 am
everything is going up and over. it's driving toward us. we could have the possibility of -- very low snow levels, we'll see. it will be much, much colder. we'll go from upper 60s to 70s for some. maybe 50, 52. today, warmer for most. inland temperatures go pretty quick. i mean they are just tough to warm up. oakland, 70. berkeley, 67. martinez rodeo 65. san jose we'll go 68. 70 santa cruz. 66, 67. same for the peninsula and even on the coast really beautiful day over to bodega bay and the coast. sun and clouds on tuesday. rain, a cold rain, not a lot. we'll get .25 to .50 and the cold air settles in. maybe showers on thursday.
8:42 am
friday looks okay. it will be very cold in the day. i think more rain comes back in on sunday. 8:41. an east bay radio station attacked again by vandals, which station, how many times they've been attacked and how long could it be off the air? how bad directions from apple's map could be creating potentially life-threatening injuries from down under. mart.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:45 am
stocks moving higher on wall street. investors continue to take a cautious approach with the economy and looming fiscal cliff and the surprise announcement that italy's prime minister is going to resign. that's putting stress on europe's efforts to get control of the its crisis. there are new and serious problems with apple maps on the iphone. police in mildora, australia say they've been having to rescue people because apple maps say it is located in a national park 40 miles away. some drivers have been stranded in the park without food or water while looking for mildura. others have had to walk through
8:46 am
temperatures of 150 degrees. apple has promised to fix the app. this big rig fire -- the big rick burst into flames early this morning -- big rig burst into flames early this morning. it happened in san leandro after the truck ran into power lines. two people were in the truck, they escaped safely, thanks to the quick thicking of the driver who happened to have been a volunteer firefighter. a man and woman were found bound and gagged in a san francisco street. that man has since died. the two were tied -- found tied up on mansel street between the bayview and ingleside neighborhoods. the woman is still in the hospital recovering. police don't have a suspect yet in the case. and the union woman student killing -- woman convicted of killing michelle le is due to be spenced.
8:47 am
today's sentencing comes -- sentenced today. today's sentencing comes after a jury convicted giselle esteban of first-degree murder back in october. we'll bring you a live report on all of this coming up on the news at noon. a community radio station in vallejo targeted by vandals again. the vallejo times herald reports oscat rate yowill be off the air for a month. someone damaged wires and stole equipment at the facility. it's the third time that vandals have struck in recent months. it's expected to cost the radio station around $8,000 to fix it. 8:46. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading toniest -- to an arrest in a fatal oakland shooting in broad daylight near jack london square. on saturday afternoon, michael taylor was shot on third street near franklin. homicide death -- detectives don't know of a motive. no word of a suspect.
8:48 am
one of two girls fatality shot two weeks ago in oakland will be laid to rest. a funeral for the 15-year-old will be held this morning. bobbi's sarane's funeral services were held over the weekend. the girls were found early in the morning on november 25th. each were shot multiple times. no arrests have been made. the city of san jose holds another community meeting tonight at 6:30, searching for the new police chief. this is the last of four meetings the city wants to get the public's input into the qualities they want to see in the new police chief. now, police chief chris moore is retiring after less than two years on the job. tonight's meeting again 6:30. it will be at the south side community center on coddle road. more san jose officials are rushing to pay back spending
8:49 am
done by an official. the san jose mercury news reports county officials received more than $1500 in reimbursements as of friday. the santa clara d.a.'s office is investigating the possible use of misfunding by him. he's also being investigated for failing to file campaign reports from his 2008 run for office. 8:48. new this morning. north korea says it is extending the launch period for a controversial long-range rocket by another week until december 29th. a spokes -- a spokesman announced that scientists found a technical problem with the rocket. the u.s. believes. north korea uses such launches for missiles that could be used to strike the mainland. but north korea says this is only being used to put a salt into orbit. nelson mandela will spend a
8:50 am
third day in a south african hospital undergoing tests. they won't say why. but will only say that he's receiving air consistent with his age. he became snick's first black president in 199 -- south africa's first black president in 1994. a lawsuit filed by the new york city hotel housekeeper accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault last year, it may be settled. today, the attorneys for both sides will give an update on the settlement negotiations. he claimed a spinal tumor was the blame for his child pornography addiction. today, he will be sentenced for districting sexually explicit images. prosecutors want him sentenced for more than eight years in
8:51 am
prison. he told a radio tv station that a tumor made his altered personality downtown pornography. officials found videos and other paraphernalia in his home. he used to be the lead of the l.a. commission. a member of the navy s.e.a.l.s team 6 was killed that freed dr. joseph. dr. joseph works with a nonprofit organization from colorado called morning star violent. she was kidnapped last wednesday along with two afghan morning star staff members. the two afghans were released on saturday. the navy s.e.a.l. team was sent in to rescue the doctor after intelligence showed he was in danger. the opposition fighters entered the sheik base in northern tier re-- syria west of aleppo. last month they captured another large base near a --
8:52 am
aleppo. they are hoping to gain the upper hand on the army near the tur yick border. bord -- near the turkish border. gay and lesbian couples celebrated in washington. they got married at seattle city hall. the first day they could legally marry. washington state voters passed same-sex pairage -- marriage last month. the u.s. supreme court plans to take up california's plan on -- ban on gay marriage in the next few months. a new report from -- a new report from new zealand is blaming bad construction for the high death toll after an earthquake last year. this happened in the -- during the quake in christ church. a government building said that building -- a government
8:53 am
official said that building was badly designed. canadian shoppers shoming at an i -- shopping at i kyia saw something very different. a monkey -- ikea saw something very different. a monkey. >> all of the people were trying to call it towards them but it was very scared. it was darting all over the place. they were trying to get it away from cars. we didn't think it was real. this is very bizarre to see. >> the monkey was renewted with his animal -- reunited with his owner but animal services took it into custody. it's illegal to have a monkey as a pet in canada. the monkey has become a social media sensation. 8:52. well, will medical marijuana be limb knit mitted -- limited?
8:54 am
the proposal this week. and sal will have one last look at a busy commute on the bay bridge. n look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
8:55 am
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nature at its most delicious. james bond is tops at the box office for now. but that may change. early reports show skyfall just ahead of rise of the guardians.
8:57 am
the twilight saga, breaking dawn ii is in third. lincoln is in third place. these numbers are all so close, it could all change when the counting is finished. the sonoma county board of supervisors could vote to reduce the amount of medical marijuana that a patient can own. according to the press democrat, the supervisors will consider a proposal to scrap current guidelines that allow medical marijuana patients to have 30 minutes and three pounds of dried marijuana per year. the new proposal would cut that amount allowed to the state limit which is six mature plants or 12 immature plants and 8 ounces of dried marijuana. sal, any hope for the bay bridge toll plaza? >> well, it is improving a little bit, dave. >> oh, good, good! >> but not much. there is a little bit of hope. the stalled vehicles have been right moved. we had several stalls. things are improving a little.
8:58 am
don't get too happy. it was an hour delay, now it's maybe 45 minutes, maybe 30. san francisco northbound and southbound 101 looking pretty good. the peninsula has been a mess and so has the san mateo bridge. a lot of people using that bridge over to a crowded 101. please give yourself extra time this morning. 280 is your best bet. burlingame and san mateo not doing well on 101 right now. let's go to steve. thank you, say. sky are the clear. it will be a nice day coast and bay. 60s, 70s. inland not as warm but still okay. and then increasing clouds come in tuesday. a cold rain arrives on wednesday morning. and then it will stay cold for a while. that will carry things into friday. >> and they need that up in the sierras. >> yes. the snow level is at 9,000 feet. but they will get some snow there. maybe even a dust hearing. >> all right. >> thank you, steve. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time
8:59 am
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